Michael Doven: Film Industry

Michael DovenThe film industry is one of the creative fields that require great potentials. When it comes to production, there is a need to come up with an appealing masterpiece. Nothing will happen if one remains seated on a corner and daydream. An individual must do actions towards attaining a goal. Michael Doven is among the number of creative artists who made his vision real. He started as a simple dreamer, and now a successful man on his chosen field. Before he created a noise in the industry, he was like a simple trainee who exerts effort on learning the essential skills. His journey on achieving what he wants did not turn to be an easy one. Michael Doven invested in education for obtaining necessary concepts about his job. He earned a degree in Photography at New York Institute of Photography in 1997. Aside from attending lectures, he gave particular attention on practical acquiring skills. The mere knowledge about subjects, lighting, environment, and themes won’t be enough to produce a masterpiece. Just imagine a camera on a desk. If no one operates it, the camera will be futile. Nothing will be created from such equipment.

After completing his degree, Michael Doven was regarded a role model of professionalism. His work was set as the best example of a “masterpiece”. Among the students, he was considered as the most skilled. He is always willing to acquire additional knowledge about several things. In fact, he has a good command in web design, creative direction, producing, marketing, and film production. Moreover, he is interested on digital photography, video production, travel photography, fashion photography, digital photography, film making, studio photography, and commercial photography.

Michael DovenIn photography, Michael Doven also made his name on top due to his proven competence on his career. There are generous people who motivated him. A group of directors and cinematographers made him realize about the beauty of creating images. He was able to capture beautiful subjects and turn them into spectacular art.

Michael Doven is a true inspiration for the aspiring Photography students. He had proven a lot to the film industry. Instead of closing himself to other opportunities, he just allows additional knowledge to enter his mind. Michael perfectly fits on the film production because of his passion and dedication for his job. He never entertains negative pessimism, but prefers to discover the hidden beauty within a subject. Through photography, he was able to utilize his talents.